Steve’s Contact Info

Have something to say to Steve? Is it nice? O.K., here’s what to do.

You can send him an email at reelcrime AT yahoo DOT com. (You know how to plug in the @ and the . yourself, right? You gotta help us hide the address from robo-spammers. Steve gets enough emails about Viagra as it is.)

You can also use the form below.

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You could also follow Steve and DM him on Twitter by going here

Or you can follow him and DM him on Facebook by going here

You can subscribe to his email newsletter — then reply to it with whatever the heck you wanna say — by going here

You can get his attention if you see him passing on the sidewalk by yelling, “Yo! Stevie Baby! Over here!”

You can’t send him a telegram. Not the old-fashioned “GREETINGS STOP I LIKE YOUR BOOKS STOP” kind. That’s not a thing anymore.

But you can send him smoke signals. He won’t understand them, though.

You can project a psychic message into his mind by staring at the downloadable headshot below and thinking, “Steve...Steve...Steve...Steve....” He might just think he’s going nuts, though. And you know what? Maybe he is.