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Holmes on the Range

Holmes on the Range

The Wild West gets even wilder when cowboy brothers Otto “Big Red” Amlingmeyer and Gustav “Old Red” Amlingmeyer set out to catch a killer using the methods of the late, great Sherlock Holmes. The only thing standing between them and the truth: stampedes, rustlers, Holmes-hating English aristocrats and a cannibal named “Hungry Bob.”

Finalist for the Edgar, Shamus, Anthony and Dilys Awards

“Grade: A-...hilarious...delightfully offbeat....” —Entertainment Weekly

“Just when it seemed as if there were no more literary riches to be wrung from Sherlock Holmes, along comes Steve Hockensmith’s inspired debut novel...The star of this tale is a fresh narrator’s voice that whoops and hollers, dazzling the reader with colorful language, vivid images, and hilarious asides. Sherlock Holmes in a Stetson turns out to be a dandy idea.” —Hallie Ephron, The Boston Globe

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On the Wrong Track (Holmes on the Range #2)

On the Wrong Track

Big Red and Old Red sign on as guards for the hated Southern Pacific Railroad and quickly find themselves headed full-steam toward disaster. The train they’re on is robbed, the baggage man loses his head (literally) and the passenger list includes a drunken Pinkerton, a secretive Chinese doctor, a mysterious beauty named Diana and a deadly swamp adder with a taste for cowboys.

“The second entry in this wonderfully entertaining series builds on the comic successes of the first via the sardonic and observant narration of Otto, whose affection for his curmudgeonly brother is ever slowly inching towards admiration. As a lively Holmes take-off, as an inventive melding of mystery and Western genres, and as a new source of damn good reading, this series demands attention.” —Booklist

“No sophomore slump in Big Red and Old Red's second case: crackling pace, lots of humor and appealing Wild West flavor.” —Kirkus Reviews

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The Black Dove (Holmes on the Range #3)

The Black Dove

Big Red and Old Red hit the wild (not to mention dangerous) streets of San Francisco and almost immediately run afoul of Chinatown crime lords and Barbary Coast cutthroats. Good thing their new, if duplicitous, friend Diana is along for the ride. But can even her wily charms save them when they stumble into the middle of a tong war?

“Other books and TV series have featured genre-melding cowboys armed with ratiocination as well as revolvers, but Hockensmith’s take is quite special. There’s his combination of intriguing mystery, breathless action, colorful characters and enough laugh-out-loud moments for the book to fit in the humorous crime category.” —Dick Lochte, The Los Angeles Times

“...a quirky and original mystery series...breezy and funny throughout.....” —Robert Croan, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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The Crack in the Lens (Holmes on the Range #4)

The Crack in the Lens

This time it’s personal. Years before, Old Red lost his one true love to a brutal killer. Now — he hopes — he has the deducifying know-how to track down the murderer. Yet how can he and Big Red even start the search when everyone in town wants the secrets of the past buried forever...and the brothers buried with them?

Finalist for the Nero Award

“Excellent...The personal stake Old Red has in catching the murderer adds an emotional dimension to the puzzle, which Edgar-finalist Hockensmith nicely leavens with witty prose and cliffhanging chapter endings.” —Publishers Weekly

“Two late-19th-century cowboy brothers who become so caught up in ‘The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes’ that they turn themselves into Wild West ‘deducifiers’ in the manner of Holmes and Watson — how cute is that? Not only cute but clever, as Steve Hockensmith demonstrates in ‘The Crack in the Lens
 and three previous books in his idiosyncratic series… Hockensmith makes sure that readers get a lightly comic taste of Old West manners and morals, so be prepared for some lively lynchings and saloon brawls — and a whole lot of spitting.” —Marilyn Stasio, The New York Times

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World’s Greatest Sleuth! (Holmes on the Range #5)

World’s Greatest Sleuth!

A detectiving contest brings Big Red and Old Red to Chicago during the World’s Columbian Exposition of 1893. Unfortunately, someone commits a dark deed in “the White City”: The man behind the competition is found dead. Old Red knows it’s murder, but no one seems to believe him but his brother and an old friend who could hold the key to the mystery — and their future.

“The novel is a delicate balance of mystery and humor, and its two leads, the brothers Amlingmeyer, are a real treat for fans of lighthearted mysteries. Holmesians, too, will get a kick out of Hockensmiths frequent nods to the Great Detective.” —Booklist

“‘World’s Greatest Sleuth!’ is a hoot.” —The Washington Post

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The Double-A Western Detective Agency (Holmes on the Range #6)

The Double-A Western Detective Agency

Big Red and Old Red Amlingmeyer’s dream has come true: The Sherlock Holmes-worshiping cowboy brothers are finally in business as professional detectives. But their fledgling A.A. Western Detective Agency faces a few challenges. Their partner, Col. Crowe, is almost as cantankerous and secretive as Old Red himself. The colonel’s daughter, Diana, insists on tagging along for the Amlingmeyers’ first assignment. And that assignment lands them smack dab in the middle of a range war — with Big Red and Old Red expected to shoot it out with rustlers rather than rustle up clues and solve a mystery. When the violence claims an unexpected victim, however, the Amlingmeyers are called upon to holster their guns (for a moment) and use their “Holmesifying” skills to track down the killer. But someone else is tracking them...someone who seems to set one ambush after another for the brothers. Will the Double-A Western Detective Agency’s first case also be its last?

Edgar-finalist Hockensmith’s sixth mystery featuring Otto and Gustav Amlingmeyer triumphantly combines homage, humor, and fair-play…Sherlockians will hope for a shorter hiatus between books in this superior series.” Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“The story moves forward at a fast pace and chapters often end on a cliff-hanger that will keep you turning the pages...If you’ve not yet read any of the Holmes on the Range books then this is certainly a great place to jump in.” Western Fiction Review

“Fans of the series will be delighted to be back in the presence of these cowboys turned detectives. This series has always been tons of fun, and this book is no exception.” Carstairs Considers

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Dear Mr. Holmes: Seven Holmes on the Range Mysteries

Dear Mr. Holmes: Seven Holmes on the Range Mysteries

Big Red and Old Red Amlingmeyer have starred in six novels, rustling up award nominations and fans aplenty as they cracked mysteries using the methods of their hero, Sherlock Holmes. How did these Old West drifters first discover Holmes, though? And how did their early, awkward stabs at “deducifying” turn out? These seven short stories provide the answers. In “Dear Mr. Holmes,” Old Red first gets the itch to turn detective — and just in time, too, because a killer’s stalking him and his brother along a Kansas cattle trail. In “Gustav Amlingmeyer, Holmes of the Range,” Old Red’s attempt to settle dvown and open his own “cafay” goes haywire when one of the customers gets a side order of arsenic with his steak and potatoes. And the adventure continues in five more stories (most originally published in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine). If you’re a fan, you won’t want to miss these rollicking peeks into the Amlingmeyers’ past. And if you’re not a fan, there’s no better place to start!

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