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April 14, 2019


J. Kingston Pierce

Oh, sigh. You're going to kill off everything here. Therefore, all of the links established by other blogs (including The Rap Sheet) to this site will soon be broken. That's a shame. No insult to you, Steve, but I really wish people would either leave their blogs dormant, but still accessible, or else establish sites that don't require destroying what already exists.


Unfortunately, the new design involves a switch to a new host/platform -- I'm moving from Typepad to Squarespace -- so I don't think keeping any of the old site live is an option. I'll ask my designer, though. If there's a way to save some of the old stuff easily and cheaply I'll consider it.


And I'm sorry that my change here impacts stuff elsewhere. That hadn't occurred to me. I truly appreciate all the signal-boosts I've gotten from The Rap Sheet over the years, so I'm sorry to screw up all those old links!


It's too bad your blog is going away. I know it's a chore to come up with content but I for one do enjoy getting your thoughts and opinions. Guess I'll have to drag myself onto Facebook more often. Thanks for the laughs we've had on here! (Cue the mournful violin music)


Thanks for livening things up around here, Eric! I will miss having a cyber-hangout other than Facebook or Twitter where I can easily shoot the breeze with readers.

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