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January 14, 2019



My own sales skills are about as refined as yours. Here's an example of how all my sales conversations go:

Me: Would you be interested in this product?
Customer: Nope
Me: Okay

Maybe the key for you is to summon Big Red from the pages and have him sell the book for you. He seems like the kinda bloke who can sell dirt in the desert.


You’re welcome!

And my marketing skills are about as good as yours.

FYI, it’s also possible that people have bought your book but not gotten it read quite yet. So some of those people might write reviews yet.


Eric -- I'm such a bad salesman it would be hard for me to even ask "Would you be interested in this product?" I'd be worried that it would come off as pushy. You're right, though: Big Red would be excellent at sales. Or at least at talking to customers. He might never get around to mentioning the product.

Mark -- I'm sure you're right and more reviews are going to trickle in as people finish reading the book. I'm already thrilled about the number of ratings, so everything from here on is just the cherry on an already delicious cake. My readers: I give 'em five stars!

Bryan Steelman

Finally finished reading your 'Double A' book yesterday. Another great read. I haven't did my Amazon review yet, but I plan to. I noticed that someone gave it the infamous 1 star, so I had to see what else the man had reviewed. He gave a crossword-puzzle book 5 stars and noted that it had spiral binding. Maybe that's the problem: you didn't use spiral binding....... Thanks for remembering your fans.


Hey, Bryan! Glad you dug the book even without spiral binding. I considered that for a while -- "How can I make my novels feel more like a recipe book put together by the members of a Methodist church?" I asked myself -- but ultimately I decided to go with a plain old trade paperback format. That dude who hated the book said he "wound buy from author again," which sounds like an odd kind of threat but is probably just a typo. Still, I'm on guard now for anyone trying to wound-buy me. Sounds painful!

Willis Woods

Question Sir. (Spoilers below, do not read unless you've read The Double-A Western Detective Agency first!)

What about Ann Wenddell in McCammon, Idaho?


Excellent question, sir...and one that will be answered in the next "Holmes on the Range" story!

Willis Woods


Sorry for the "Wendell" typo...


I don't mind the typo, but I'm not sure Ann would be so forgiving. Watch out if you're ever passing through McCammon....


Hiya Steve,

While I did order the Double-A Western Detective Agency right away upon release, I happened to be 2 books into a large 5 book fantasy series and, well, I just had to see that story through, you know?
But as soon as I finished that, I moved right on into things with the Amlingmeyer bros and just finished the book today.

My only complaint? It was over all too soon! (Well, anything was bound to feel like a quick read after a "quintet" I imagine.) But it felt great to dive into another Holmes on the Range adventure, and it felt like no time had passed at all since I last did so.

I reckon I should leave a review on Amazon too, and I'll try to do so when next I'm tromping through there, but I just wanted to express my hopes that there are more adventures and mysteries to come! Certainly with the introduction of a few more interesting characters into the AA Detective Agency at the end of the book, it sure felt like a "fresh start" or "new direction" of sorts.
That's my personal hope at least, because I know I'm interested in seeing where this direction takes them!

Anywho, that's all I wanted to say for now. It was a great read!


So glad to hear you dug the book, Michael! I'm not sure when I'll get around to the next book in the series, but a few things I do know: (1) I've already got a plot in mind that I love, (2) those new characters will definitely be in the mix to liven things up and (3) I won't make everyone wait nearly so long this time.

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