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December 04, 2018


Gerard Saylor

Hot damn! This is great news.


It feels like the world could use some these days, so I obliged. I guess I'm just nice like that. You're welcome, humanity!


Sir's review has been posted:



Fantastic -- thank you so much! Reviews (especially good ones, of course!) are super-super-helpful.


Finished it over the weekend. Really enjoyed it!


Another satisfied customer -- love it!

Robert Waters

Love the new book! About half way through but pretty sure the second half will equal the first. You have probably answered this 1,274.3 times, but where did you come up with the name Amblingmeyer? Also, can we expect the next book any day now? Ya, I’m inpatient.


Excellent to hear you're digging the book so far, Robert! Fingers crossed I don't blow it in the second half.

I've only been asked the Amlingmeyer question 634.2 times, so I haven't gotten sick of it yet. (Actually, it's probably more like eight times over the course of 13 years, which isn't overpowering at all!) The answer: I went to elementary school with a girl named Amlingmeyer. When I was starting the series I wanted to pick a name for my heroes that reflected the diversity of the West: It wasn't just dudes named "Buck Smith" and "Duke Steele" or whatever. So I pulled the uber-Germanic "Amlingmeyer" out of the old memory banks and used that.

As for the next book, "any day now" would be a bit premature. As would "any week now" or "any month now." Would "any year now" be acceptable?

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