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November 10, 2018


Greg Daniel

Hey Steve -- the one thing that I didn't see in your litany of excuses -- uh, er, "right reasonable reasons for delay" -- was the non-writing responsibilities of self-publishing. Did editing, designing, marketing, etc. and/or thinking about those things have much impact?

Regardless ... the wait is nearly over and it sounds like waiting is not the hardest part, writing (and not writing) is.


Great question, Greg! I'd say the editing (in this case gathering feedback from test readers and going through the book again) added a couple months to the process, while the design and formatting stage will take up another month or so. The marketing (what little of it I have planned) I'll do concurrent with the release, so that won't even kick in until December. In the end, the delay really does boil down to (A) I wrote more slowly than I wanted to and (B) I got distracted by other projects. The next time I do a self-published novel I'm hoping I can stick to the original plan for this one: keep it short and don't dither with it. But I don't know...that's probably just not how my brain works!

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