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September 11, 2018



By all means, take your time. I'd much rather wait for a quality product than have something half baked dumped on my plate. And as for the state of the world, I'm not worried. All I'll say is that elections come and go (not fast enough, but I digress) and so do the people who win them. Besides, looking at it from a historical perspective, the world is actually a lot more peaceful than it used to be.

Best of luck on all your projects, can't wait for more Holmes on the Range!


Thanks for the patience and the vote of confidence, Liam! I do think taking my time will make Holmes on the Range #6 a better book. So I guess it's a win-win, because taking my time keeps me from burning out, too. Which ultimately means I'll write more books as opposed to less. So it's really a win-win-win. So much winning, as they say!

And you're right about the world actually being a less violent place than in the past: I've heard about those studies, too. You know how it goes, though. One peek at the headlines (or the comments sections...oy) and it feels like we're 10 minutes away from "Planet of the Apes."


A happy Hockensmith leads to great stories! By the way, pot is legal in California so maybe next time smoke a joint THEN read the news.


I don't judge pot users, Eric, but that stuff ain't for me. If you want a happy Hockensmith reading the news, it's a lot easier to just let me sleep in late!

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