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June 27, 2018



Well I think it is safe to say you've done your Holmes research. I now have to question if my Shamrock Holmes - lucky detective, and Hemlock Holmes - master of death, are original ideas.


"There is nothing new under the sun. It has all been done before."
-Sherlock Holmes, "A Study in Scarlet"

"There is almost nothing new under the sun. It has all been done before except for 'Shamrock Holmes - lucky detective.' No one's done that yet because it's a really bad idea."
-Steve Hockensmith, www.stevehockensmith.com


Haha! Such wisdom! You don't think having a case that miraculously solves itself is a good idea, huh? What if it was so very bad that it was good? See: Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure


Hmm...come to think of it, every private eye who had his own radio show in the 1940s was "Shamrock Holmes, Lucky Detective." They were knocked out at least once an episode and never got a concussion, and their cases did sort of solve themselves. (I think it counts as "solving itself" when the episode ends with the killer saying, "Yes! I killed Lucas Kaufman and Francis Gould! Kaufman and I worked together to steal the Burmese Peregrine from the Metropolitan Art Museum, and I killed him rather than split the proceeds. Gould knew that the letter opener used to kill Kaufman was made of East Indian elephant ivory, and because I asked for curry at the Art Guild banquet, he knew that I'd been in India recently. He tried to blackmail me, so I killed him with the poison-tipped cuff link you found stuck to the bottom of Lala LaLuna's shoe. When I saw you had the cuff link, I knew you were closing in, which is why I bludgeoned you with the phony Burmese Peregrine we'd substituted at the museum. And I would've gotten away with it, too, if I could only keep my big trap shut and wait for my lawyer to show up....")


Gotta love those ego driven confessions.


Hi. Love the white magic five & dome series. When is the next book coming out?


Hi, Nadia! Unfortunately, the tarot mystery series is on hold for the moment. Lisa and I totally want to do more eventually, though. Here's what'll probably happen: We'll wait a couple years for all the books to go out of print, get the rights back from the publisher, then do two more books in the series. (The series feels incomplete to me until "Miss Chance" has covered all four suits and the major arcana. Of course, it'll also feel incomplete until Alanis defeats those evil Grandis once and for all and makes up her mind about her love life....) Stay tuned for updates!

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