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April 04, 2018



Ooh, I call dibs on the last idea! I can see this book flying off the shelves already and giving some poor soul a black eye. The murder will turn up when a publicity stunt goes horribly awry. Definitely snarky Stephanie Hocken will be forced to promote like crazy to draw out the killer. Cheers!


I'm laughing here.

And there are snarky cozy main characters. I love them!


You know what, Eric? I might take back that last idea: I actually kind of like it. So many cozies combine advice with mysteries, why not do one about writing mysteries that features a mystery writer solving murders of and by mystery writers? "Writing About Murder Can Be Murder: A Mystery Writing Mystery." It's so meta it'll make people's heads hurt. (The fact that I find that notion appealing is probably a good clue as to why my actual semi-cozy series didn't last that long.)

You're right, Mark: There are lots of writers who bring a little edge to their cozy-ish mysteries. I'm assuming Catriona McPherson's "Scot Free" will have plenty of snark, for instance, which is why it's at the top of my To Be Read pile at the moment.


This from the man who wrote an excellent short story featuring a crime-busting copy editor. The worrisome thing is that I'm pretty sure most of these titles would sell.

How about _Dead on My Feet_: Feisty (but not snarky) podiatrist Janie Trooper dispenses foot-health tips while hunting for the killer of a local orthopedic-shoe salesman.

Or . . . no, I'd better stop this RIGHT NOW.


I'm already pre-ordering copies. Don't let me down.

Bryan Steelman

But Steve...we like snarky!


Slight quibble with your cozy title, Jonathan. It should be "Dead on Her Feet: A Podiatry Mystery." You know -- so the cover can show the feisty (but not snarky) female podiatrist/protagonist on the cover with Corns, the feisty (but not snarky) cat who lives in her medical office. I'm assuming the plot would revolve around a cranky client who winds up dead in her examining room.

Remember, Eric -- I'm not supposed to be writing these! The whole idea is to get other people to write them and then give me money (or at least free alcohol).

And, Bryan: I do believe you've come to the right place.


Just found out I can't do "Writing About Murder Can Be Murder: A Mystery Writing Mystery." Becky Clark beat me to the punch!


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