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March 24, 2018


Greg Daniel

T minus 9 -- all systems are go!


Can't wait!

David Kuskie

Awesome news! I'm really excited for the next installment, Steve!


Thanks for cheering me on, guys! You're like the people handing out little cups of water to staggering marathon joggers. I WILL make it to the finish line!


Getting closer, keep it up! Staying with the marathon analogy, ignore all those cheaters zipping by you on segways. Their journey isn't worth reading about.

Victor Catano

This makes me so happy. I'm a big fan of the series and can't wait for more.


Sorry to have kept you waiting so long, Victor!


This is great news!
I don't often visit your website Steve, but I do pop by from time to time to see if there is any news about the beloved Amlingmeyer brothers.

Excited to see that they're back out on the case!

My mother was fond of mysteries, and sadly I never appreciated the genre while she was alive. I wish I could share these with her now. I never would have thought that I could fall in love with a western mystery series at that... but I do live in rural Iowa and have a long german last name, so I can relate to the aforementioned brothers. ;)

Keep up the good work!


Thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts, Michael! Comments like yours are half the reason I'm doing another Holmes on the Range novel. Over the last few years, I've heard from a lot of readers who miss the guys and want to see them back in the saddle. Eventually it seemed like the time was right to clear the decks and give the people what they want.

The other half of the reason I'm doing the book, by the way, is that I really, really wanted to. You know -- a "just because" kind of thing. It was an itch I had to scratch.

Speaking of which, I've got this chapter I've been trying to get through for, like, two weeks, so off I go to (hopefully) finish it and get a little closer to having that itch scratched....

Matthew Sparks

My family and I met the Amlingmeyer's when we were on a road trip and we listened to World's greatest sleuth on CD. We loved the story and our next trip we listened to on the wrong track. My family loved listening too those and reading all the rest and we are all waiting (impatiently) for the double-A Western Detective Agency! Thanks!


I've heard from a lot of people who were introduced to Big Red and Old Red through the audio books, Matthew. It sounds like you and your family switched over to print, but if all goes according to plan (which admittedly doesn't always happen!) there'll be an audio book for The Double-A Western Detective Agency, too. Stay tuned....


When can we pre-order!!!'


Hey, Lee! Thanks for asking! At this point I'm guesstimating that the book will be available for pre-order Dec. 1 or Dec. 2 and on sale a week or two later. (As part of my efforts to get the rights back to the first book, it behooves me not to do any active promotion prior to Nov. 30. And the way pre-orders count towards sales rank and visibility, a shorter pre-order window seems to be better than a long one.) I'm focused on finishing the book for now -- only five chapters to go! -- but once I've got a first draft in the can I'll do some more research and nail things down and start letting folks know the plan, probably through my newsletter initially. Stay tuned!

Richard Heath

Your Holmes on the Range Series, for me, is a breath of fresh air. I'm excited to read more about the exploits of Big Red and Old Red. We give books to our children and grandchildren for Christmas. Your new book will be at the top of my list to request
for my book this year. If you want to have a good laugh, find a recording of "Sneaky Pete and the Wolf" (a take-off on Peter and the Wolf), recorded by Peter Schickele on Telarc. His voice in the narration is the voice I hear for Big Red.


Thanks for sharing the "Holmes on the Range" series with your kids and grandkids, Richard! And thanks for the audio recommendation. I'm familiar with Peter Schickele (as PDQ Bach) but have never sampled his work before. Now I know where to start!

Matthew Szewczyk

Great news as always! Its time to start re-reading all the books again to get myself ready. Its been way too long!


[Its been way too long!]

I know, right? There'll be an eight-year gap between novel #5 and novel #6 in the series. I don't know how quickly I'll get to novel #7, but I promise you this: There will be one, and you won't have to wait eight years to read it!

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