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March 03, 2018



Poor Bobo! Such a sad tale. So sorry Steve.


Thanks, Eric! Mojo seems to be holding up well. (His teacher told me he's having a good week at school, which isn't always the case.) We've been incorporating the guyzos into our conversations and activities a lot less since the theft, so it does look like this is spurring him to grow up a little bit. Bobo's departure is bittersweet, but probably a good thing in the end.

David Kuskie

What an amazing and heartbreaking story! Thanks for sharing it, Steve.
I'm sorry that your family had to experience that, my friend.
Maybe the people who ended up stealing him could really use that kind of can-do attitude that Bobo brings.
I'm with Mojo though; cartoons and doughnuts help to ease my pain as well.


I'm with you, David: I hope Bobo gave the thieves a good talking to about going straight. "The weed of crime bears bitter fruit, my friend!" In the meantime, Mojo has kept on truckin' with the help of cartoons, doughnuts and his approximately 985 other stuffed animals (though there was only one Bobo).

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