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February 23, 2018



Great News!


Half way there! Love the cover.

Robert Lopresti

Great title. Great cover.


Excellent! Keep writing, Steve!


Great!Can't wait!

Bryan Steelman

Will we place our orders through you or through Amazon. I'm somewhat antiquated; I prefer paper to ebooks. I stare into a computer screen for most of the work day, and I don't won't to stare into one to read a book. Oh, and by the way, Great!


Thanks for the approval and encouragement, everybody! I took a break from the book to focus on other things -- mostly short stories that'll pop up here and there over the next couple years -- and have now returned to it feeling re-energized and ready to wrap it up. I'm guessing it'll be available for pre-order near the end of the summer and in people's hands by Thanksgiving. And there'll definitely be a print edition, Bryan, so we'll be able to spare you those extra hours staring at a screen!

David Kuskie

Great news! Can't wait, Steve! I have been hoping for a new Holmes on the Range mystery!
I also can't wait to read the new short stories you have been working on!

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