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August 28, 2017


Bryan Steelman

Hi Steve. Two points: (1) You should have warned us about the Amazon link. My faith in humanity has been shaken. (2) Isn't the Illuminati an Italian power company?


Hey, man -- if a link labelled "Loch Ness monster erotica" isn't warning enough, I can't help you!

As for the Illuminati, maybe you're right. If the world really were being secretly run by an Italian power company it would explain a lot....

Birthday decoration in Delhi, NCR

Outstanding!, a breath of fresh air Richard, glad to have found your writing .


Thanks, Birthday! Your comment was a breath of fresh air, too. (Most people who post here insist on calling me "Steve." Boring!) I hope you don't mind, but I removed the links in your comment. They led to a website that looks like a scam. You might want to check on that. Maybe you've been hacked. Don't hackers and bots suck?

Anywho, hope you had a very happy Thanksgiving in Delhi, NCR!

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