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July 26, 2017


Matthew Szewczyk

What, he did not like The Blues Brothers? Hmm... I understand The Bad News Bears, it has aged badly with the slurs and kids smoking and such. One day he will watch BB again and appreciate it. Have you guys watched Blade Runner yet? Love that movie, the wife wants to watch it before the sequel comes out.


Yeah, he didn't connect to The Blues Brothers at all. I even told him he couldn't stop watching until after the James Brown scene, and he *still* gave up on the movie. Sacrilege!

I agree that the language in The Bad News Bears is something that one could debate, but I see the whole thing as a satire on American values and generally try to give a lot of benefit-of-the-doubt wriggle room to satire. As for the smoking (and all the drinking!), that's part of what makes the movie an amazing document of its time. I've rewatched a fair number of '70s movies over the last few years, but none of them gave me the "You are there" time warp feeling half as strongly as Bad News Bears. Bonus: Walter Matthau and a near-complete absence of sentimentality. Still adds up to a classic for me. I've gotta try Slap Shot on my kid. If he doesn't like that one I'll know to give up on '70s sports satires (which is fine because I can't think of any other good ones).

Oh, and I would've included Blade Runner on the list, but we actually watched that way back in the fall. (And huzzah -- he liked it!)


Okay, hearing about progress on the Double-A Western Detective Agency *absolutely* brightens my day! Hoorah!

In the movie dept, how about Die Hard? (I love that movie.)


Watched Die Hard last year. He dug it. Tried Speed. He didn't dig it. Which is fair enough, because Die Hard remains a classic (I love it, too!) while Speed merely holds up pretty well as a better-than-most Die Hard ripoff.

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