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June 14, 2017



Yes. Complex characters are interesting, but I also like my heroes to be heroes. I'm enjoying the DC comic TV shows because they features heroes trying to be heroes. They struggle. It wouldn't be good TV/drama if they didn't. But they are still good overall.


I've been meaning to give those shows a try sooner or later. I was a huge DC nerd when I was in my teens, so if any of these series based on them are half-way decent I could see myself getting into them. Arrow feels a little too grim'n'gritty, so maybe The Flash or Supergirl would be the place to start...?

Jeff B.

I quickly read this piece, and on my initial pass instead of "Ditto Superman" I thought you'd written "Ditko Superman." And my first thought was "Steve Ditko didn't draw Superman." Clearly Comic-Con is just around the corner ...


But if Steve Ditko *had* done Superman, would he have been a dick? Given some of Ditko's eccentricities, I think the answer might be "Yes."

Oh, and just in case some nerdling wants to nitpick:


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Bryan Steelman

Good point Steve. I don't watch movies or TV to be slapped by reality or depressed by idiots. I get my reality slaps from the news and that's one reason I need to escape into something not depressing. And by the way, my copy of 'Give the Devil His Due' arrived today. I hope this one doesn't end with a cliffhanger.


"Reality Slaps" -- I feel like I get those a dozen times a day thanks to the news! I'm glad I can give people a little slap-less time in their day. I sure need it.

Nope, no cliffhanger ending this time around. The conclusion is pretty definitive. Which isn't to say there aren't still a few dangling threads I need to tie up in Berdache. I'll get around to it sooner or later....


Couldn't agree more. I'd take The West Wing over House of Cards any day.


I wasn't a comics fan as a kid particularly, but I did see Wonder Woman and enjoyed it. And I'm with you- I see enough misery in the news. In fiction, I want to see people who want to make a difference for the better. I think that Wonder Woman won't disappoint you in this regard. (There are some parts of the plot that don't bear thinking about too hard, but that's a whole 'nother thing.)


Amen. I tell people "I don't do depressing" in terms of novels or movies.

Unfortunately that means I can't join book clubs, no matter how much I want to. They just love misery memoirs, and then you need to discuss it afterwards.

I likely my entertainment to be escapism or educational - and why would I want to escape to somewhere miserable, or learn about horrible people? My own depression is only just managed, why would I want to drown myself in more of it?

PS Wonder Woman is a grand movie, as long as you turn off your brain before you go into the theatre. I give it 10 points for female empowerment and the lovely leading couple and funny quips, but 2 points for plot, with -2 points for stereotypes.


I finally saw Wonder Woman while on vacation last week, and I agree with your assessments: It was fun and earns bonus points for positive messages, but I would've liked it even more if the last act had felt a little less rote. (Big Plot Twist #1 I saw coming 100 miles away. Big Plot Twist #2 I didn't see coming at all, so the movie does score more points for that.)

Sounds like you and I have the same taste in entertainment, HayleyW. I either want to have fun or learn something (or have fun while learning something). I think snobs assume that people who don't gravitate toward dark art/literature/etc. are Pollyannas who want to pretend the world isn't a harsh place, but it's exactly the opposite for me. I know damn well that the world is a harsh place. That's why I don't need to wallow in the fact during what little free time I have each day.

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