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May 06, 2014



Bob was on Jimmy Kimmel Live last week, and Jimmy held up the book and there was a close-up shot of the cover. I wish you could go on some national talk shows, but I guess being able to do dramatic science experiments is more enticing than just talking about a book. Still, it was some nice publicity!

Steve Hockensmith

That's it exactly, Sue -- I do O.K. at signings and such, but I'm not exciting enough to rate network air-time. I had a chance to get on Craig Ferguson's show years ago, but I didn't make it past a screening call from an assistant booker. He told me "Don't try to be funny," which really threw me. I mean, I get it -- Ferguson's the funnyman -- but it left me not knowing how to *be*. Hi ho. At least now I'm part of a team that's half telegenic!


It looks terrific however being 62 years old and having just graduated high school, I think this might be just a tad juvenile for me..... now if another Holmes on the Range came out now that would be truly "manna from heaven" I know there are thousands of people going through withdrawl out here hoping something new is coming but boy the waiting really is tough...

Steve Hockensmith

I hear you, D. I think the Nick and Tesla books are pretty fun, but they're definitely aimed at the middle-school set. I've been meaning to bring Big Red and Old Red back for a while now, but the timing was never right. It looks like two major roadblocks will finally be behind me soon, though. Stay tuned!

Wallace Hettle

Now about this "oeuvre" word. It looks suspiciously . . . French. And since I don't know it if you used it in scrabble, I'd challenge you in a heartbeat.

Look at it this way: Jefferson published only one book. And because that one book is out of copyright, it doesn't pay him a dime.

Now, off to find a middle schooler.

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