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February 12, 2013


Amy Dobek

Oh, I am so rofling! My professor uses this to transcribe his online lectures and occasionally does not clean them up. It's like deciphering phonetic pidgin English. And on STATISTICS, no less! ><


My personal experience with the hazards of voice recognition software: A few years back, when I was still traipsing through the wilds of online dating, I "met" and began exchanging emails with a guy who, a few emails in, had just gotten his own copy of Dragon and was trying it out for the first time. Which was fine, except that halfway through the message he discovered the incredible humor value of having it write swear words as he said them, which led to a long string of profanities, including, among other things, the c-word.

The gentleman and I did not exchange any further communications.

Steven Gomez

That was a hilarious post, and one that hits home. I have Dragon NaturallySpeaking. My wife purchased it. It sits on a shelf looking at me, mocking me, daring me to load it on my computer and attempt its use.

But I've already said too much, and I suspect it knows that I am talking about it.

Wallace H.

Lawyers don't want to write well. They present you with 100 pages of incomprehensible text to make you give up. This is especially true of lawyers who work in insurance, health care, and the high-fructose industrial complex.

Wallace H.

And did you look at Mark Twain's "Autobiography" released last year by U of California Press. Mostly dictated stuff, and mostly boring. If it doesn't work for Twain, it doesn't work for me.


Wow, Amy -- that is one lazy professor. He dictates statistics to Dragon? I wouldn't trust it with a 1 + 1 = 2. It would probably come out "Won pulse one sequels too."

I'd say you didn't encounter one of the hazards of voice recognition software, Daisy. You encountered one of the hazards of douchebags. Those are a lot harder to avoid, alas.

Shhh, Steven. Dragon is listening. Dragon is *always* listening. Even when it's in a box on the shelf.

Too true about legal writing, Wally. I think 90% of the average book contract is just nonsense a lawyer put in to make other lawyers laugh. And thanks for the warning about Twain's autobiography. It sounds like a heaping helping of Dragon-style non sequiturs would have actually livened it up a bit.

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