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November 17, 2012


Mysti Berry

They set up rats, they even paid off rats. But there were no rats. And why was that one big crashy thing *empty*? And really, why didn't Bond leave M in the BLANK instead of driving her off to BLANK? I would have left her there for safe keeping.

Whenever a character in a movie or book says "why don't you X" or "why did you Y," that's almost always the writer's subconscious trying to point out something that wanted fixing. Unless the writer has been asked to insert that line instead of fixing the problem, that is.

And also, wouldn't it have been cool if Bond had shot BLANK, mercy killing, which would have started the brawl anyway?

I'm guessing about 20-30 minutes of film was cut out. Especially the missing rat scene.

All the little plot issues are forgiven for the one truly original line, "What makes BLANK think you're my BLANK?" I just loved that.


James Bond is like Doctor Who: your favorite Bond is the one that you first appreciated, just like your Doctor. So I'm a Sean Connery and Tom Baker fan.

Carolyn B

Very true @ElfOdin. The first Bond film I really remember was Moonraker and I thought it was the coolest thing ever (but at that age, so was the Dukes of Hazzard), and so I always liked Roger Moore more than Sean Connery, but admit to liking Pierce Brosnan (Remington Steele!) and Daniel Craig more. I think I've always accepted that Bond was a sexist pig and was more concerned about how the women were portrayed. Honor Blackman (ahead of her time despite the roll in the hay) and Michelle Yeoh vs. Tanya Roberts & Denise Richards.

I have yet to see all of OHMSS (even with Diana Rigg) because the last time I seriously attempted it I fell asleep. I flipped past it the other day in the midst of the Telly Savalas bobsled chase and still couldn't bring myself to watch it. I will leave it to Mr. Hockensmith to insert a pithy Bondian pun here. :)


I hear you, Mysti -- there's a lot one could nitpick about Skyfall. I didn't find it as annoyingly logic-free as, oh, The Dark Knight Rises, but there were a few big "Chuh?" moments in hindsight. (And for the record, Bat-fans, I liked The Dark Knight Rises despite all the nonsense in it. So no hate mail, please.)

I agree that the actor one's first exposed to in a role will have an edge over everyone else, E.O. I used to be a Tom Baker man for that very reason. But I've really loved David Tennant and Matt Smith's Doctors, too -- so much so, I don't think I'd automatically say Tom Baker's "better" anymore. I mean, what would you really rather watch again: "Blink" or "The Brain of Morbius"?

I liked the Pierce Brosnan Bond, too, Carolyn (though the movies became interchangeably mediocre, IMHO). And you're not alone when it comes to OHMSS. It took me more than a week to get through it. After 20 minutes or so, I'd always find myself wanting to watch something else.

Jeff Q.

So with this post and your post interviewing other modern spy writers, should we be on the lookout for a Hockensmith spy thriller?


I don't think a spy thriller's in my future, Jeff, though I have a fondness for the genre. So many other people do it so well already, there's really no need for someone like me to jump into the market. And I think my comic sensibility/compulsion would alienate most thriller fans anyway. Most modern thrillers are (by design) pretty humorless, plot-driven affairs, and I don't think I could keep a straight face through an entire book....

Jeff Q.

Sorry to hear that. A humorous spy novel that's not just a parody of Bond is something sorely lacking in the market. Heck, just looking at the current headlines about the CIA makes me think there's potential :)


Way back in the '70s, Brian Garfield wrote a humorous spy novel called Hopscotch that was supposed to be quite good. (I think it won the Edgar.) So it is possible. I'm not sure if the marketplace is really open to that kind of thing now, though. The times I've thought about writing a "spy novel," I've pictured something along the lines of the Coen brothers movie Burn After Reading. But since that was a pretty big flop...well...maybe not a good precedent....

Jeff Q.

Hey, no one thought zombies and Jane Austen would be lucrative until recently either ;)

Haven't read Hopscotch yet, although I own it. But the movie with Walter Matthau Is really fun and well worth searching out. Ok, that just reminded me of how my grandmother-in-law once said I reminded her of "a young Walter Matthau" which I don't think was quite the endorsement she thought it was... Probably indicates a good time stop this train of thought.

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