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October 05, 2011


Jeff Q

Looking forward to your first non-publisher full length novel ebook release. Coming soon...?


I'm thinking about it! I'd rather juggle both -- traditional publishing contracts and my own ebook projects -- but it's unclear at the moment how much I'll be able to do that. Things should become more clear very, very soon, however. Stay tuned....

Toni LP Kelner

I've gotten so confused about the biz that I've decided to never give advice about publication to a new writer. Instead I'll only say, "This is what I did."


I think that's the only kind of "advice" one can give anymore. There's not one tried-and-true path anymore. Some writers are succeeding by taking Road A, some writers are succeeding by taking Road B and most of us are driving in circles holding our maps upside down.

Toni LP Kelner

I tend to think of myself as running around like a chicken with her had cut off. But definitely a map-free headless chicken.


I don't move quickly enough to be a chicken with its head cut off. I'm more like a slug with its head cut off. But, as with your chicken, my slug is mapless.

Hey, I've finally got a title for my memoir! Ladies and gentlemen, I give you My Slug Is Mapless: A Life in Writing.

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