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October 11, 2011


Toni LP Kelner

What family memories you're creating... I'm wondering what happened to the rest of the dolphins' bodies. I think the creepy clown in Picture 1 was involved.

Maria Alexander

Clearly the mutant dolphins are trying to escape the dresser that has sewn them together in an attempt to create The Dolphin Centipede.


It's so refreshing that you two chose to see the creature on the dresser as some kind of hydra-headed dolphin of doom. I, of course, thought it was two porpoises making the Sea Beast with Two Backs. Maybe it's cuz I'm a guy....

J. Steven York

Dolphins? Sex? I know not of what you speak. The two-headed mutant slug is clearly self-fertilizing...

Charlie Krone on the Slide Trombone

Once more, I thank you for being Steve Hockensmith and all that name entails. I have to say, with the silver temples you are certainly looking very authorly these days!


I seriously want that zombie child painting for my living room. Just the right amount of creepy...


You might be on to something, Steven. I'm not so sure now that thing on the dresser was even ceramic. For all I know, it really was a two-headed mutant slug getting biz-zay.

My pleasure to be of service, Charlie! Rest assured -- despite the Reed Richards hair, Steve Hockensmith stands ready to see to all your Steve Hockensmith needs.

If we ever rent that house again, I'll nab the painting for you, Linda. I'll just bring down a velvet Elvis or something to replace it with.


Oh the original Grimm's is all like that. I had a copy as a child. Not content with reading it myself, I passed it on to my younger sister. Which explains a lot about the both of us, really.

Really all this place needs is an appropriate wardrobe. I have a knitting pattern for a poncho that looks like a the model was puked on by a shag rug...I think it would go with the decor beautifully.


Cozy Shirley Jackson-style bungalow decorated in late Flannery O'Connor seeks writer with Nicholson personality type for long winter layover.

Glad you got out when you did, Steve!

Toni LP Kelner

From what I've read of dolphins, they are ALWAYS ready to make the Sea Beast with Two Backs. They are happy creatures. So to have cut off the back-making equipment of two happy dolphins and then prop them up on a dresser... That's just mean.


LOL to everyone! Wow, this was fun. Now I feel like taking my camera everywhere so I can post snide comments about interior design every week. Next up: What's the deal with that freaky sculpture in my dentist's office?

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