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March 23, 2011


Brian Brady

Not a great interview, but greatly entertaining!, I laughed out loud two or three times, and now I have two more books on my list of books I must own, Thanks SHockensmith, writerising guru.


Brian - if its entertaining, then its done its job I think. I'm doing a serious(ish) interview tomorrow over at Murderati, but as always with Steve there was no way we could keep our serious hats on. Anyway, I do hope you enjoy the books. And Steve is a guru. I believe everything he tells me. In fact, he's told me I can make a million bucks if I pony up 100,000 direct to his bank account and don't tell anyone about it for at least twelve years...

Amy Dobek

Thank you so much for introducing me to yet another writer whose work I need to put on my list. An outstanding interview that makes me want to run out and pick up copies of The Avenger. Well, OK, I'm lazy, so it really just makes me want to add them to my Netflix queueueueue. But it also makes me want to read your books. Both of your books. Not that you only wrote two books. I mean, the books of both of you-- oh, screw it. All the books that each of you have written, separately or in tandem. Crimus; I need help. ><

On another note, I'd love to see the zombie etchings. I already have a regular twitch in my left eye, so that way I'd just look like I'm blinking a lot.


I'm glad you dug the interview, Amy! I've been thinking I should do more. I ran out of things to say on this blog in March of 2009, so it'll be nice to coast on the ramblings of my fellow scribes for a while.

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