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November 04, 2010


Kevin David Anderson

Thanks for that post Steve. I’m cured. Hallelujah. Now, one day at a time.


Whenever you start to feel weak, just tell yourself "Night of the Living Trekkies...starred review...Publishers Weekly....Night of the Living Trekkies...starred review...Publishers Weekly...." Repeat until the need for validation passes.

Jonathan Turner

"Jonathan A. Turner of Nashua, New Hampshire, you complete me. Don't you ever stop reviewing books on Amazon. Ever!"

No (http://www.amazon.com/Naughty-Tales-Christmas-Crime-ebook/dp/B004AHKD1U/) worries.

Although--since you bring it up--I have a related pet peeve of my own. Lately someone, or ones, has been dissing my reviews! OK, yes, the truth is that whenever you give a book fewer than four stars, the people who loved it get offended. But, dammit, the voting buttons aren't labeled "Agree/Disagree"; Amazon asks whether the review was *helpful*. And I assert that knowing exactly why someone liked or disliked a book is the very quintessence--nay, the SOUL!--of helpfulicity.

All right, I feel better now. But it's not just you.


A thousand blessings upon you, kind sir! And don't think I only appreciate your reviews because you tend to like my stuff. You always find something interesting to say, too...which is why *I* always rate you as "Helpful"!

Speaking of folks dissing reviews because they disagree with the conclusions, I just noticed the exact same thing last night. I was re-watching the film "Roxanne" for the first time in years and finding that it had aged rather badly. (My oh my, that schmaltzy '80s sax/synth muzak is hard to take.) Yet anyone who dared to point out the '80s cheese factor on Netflix got a deluge of "Not helpful"s...even if it was a four-star review. People! Can't we agree to disagree?

John Schramm

I wish I could say don't let a bad review get you down, Steve, but I know I would feel just like you do.

I don't suppose telling you that you've gotten a lot more good reviews than bad reviews would help much more, but I know it's true.

Well, I think you're a fine writer. And Holmes On The Range worked for me in a lot of ways. And that has nothing to do with you being my friend.


Thanks for the perspective, John! You are a good friend. Which is more than I can say about myself. Wasn't I supposed to call you this week? Oy. Well, if it helps you feel any better, I was supposed to call my brother and I never got around to that either. So I'm a schmuck to everybody! At least my *books* are beyond criticism. Usually.

We'll talk soon...promise....

John Schramm

No worries, Steve. I've been a little swamped myself. Soon.

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