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June 11, 2006


John S.

Red, I've been wondering, are you a figment of Hockensmith's imagination, or is he one of yours?

Big Red

Well, I'd think that was pretty plain. Given that Hockensmith felt the need to slap his own name on another man's book -- namely, *mine* -- he obviously doesn't have enough imagination to have any figments to it.

-Big Red

Steve Hockensmith

I refuse to engage in a flame war with a figment of my own imagination. So there.

And thanks a million, John. The Figment and I declared a truce weeks ago. I appreciate it when my friends post on the site -- but come on, dude! That was a total troll move, and you know it!

All I'm saying is give peace a chance.


Andrea Frost

This post made me want to get Season 1 on DvD.


If that profanity highlight reel didn't turn you off, then you're definitely a "Deadwood" kinda viewer, Andrea. Enjoy!


P.S.: I don't know what Big Red would make of "The Wire," but I know *I* love it. If you dig "Deadwood," check out "The Wire," too.

Big Red

And when you go into Best Buy to get "Deadwood," tell 'em Big Red sent you!

(I'm hoping for a commission.)

-Big Red

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