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October 09, 2013



Can I sign up for the GOING INTO HOCK subscription service, and just have all your new material mailed to me?

Steve Hockensmith

Nice title! I'd hate to suggest that readers would go broke if they bought all my stuff, though. Really, folks -- I might be putting a lot of books out in the next 12 months, but most of you can comfortably afford it all!


Boy... I am so hard up for a new Big Red and Old Red I would even consider The Amlingmeyers combine forces with Nick and Tesla to solve a White Magic crime... that shows how much some of us need our " fix" of the brothers...

Steve Hockensmith

Sorry to keep you (and Big Red and Old Red) waiting so long, D! Hang in there. You'll get your Holmes on the Range fix eventually....

Ted Kozel

While I do look forward to getting the Nick and Tesla series for my nephew and the White Magic series sounds great as well...I will have to disagree with one point you made:
They earned one after everything they went through in the Holmes on the Range books, don't you think?

No. No sir I do not.

Your series is fantastic and I will begrudgingly waste another year trying to find another author to fill the void.

Steve Hockensmith

Sorry to leave you hanging, Ted! Believe me -- *I* wish I'd had time to bring Big Red and Old Red back, as well. Wheels are in motion, though. The Amlingmeyers will return one day. And when that day finally arrives, I'll be able to explain why it took so long to get here!

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