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September 15, 2013


Amy Dobek

Great. Now I want to watch The Ghost and Mr. Chicken, only Netflix only has it on DVD so I'll have to wait for it. Thanks for nothin', Steve. *sigh* ;-)


I don't have cable or Netflix. I do however have a subscription to Entertainment Weekly that keeps me filled in on the pop culture loop. I've never seen any of these shows but when coworkers start talking about The Walking Dead I always ask if they want me to tell them any spoilers. After spending a lot of time watching Lost and now looking back on my viewing experience, I feel like I am not missing out much. I hear that Homeland has just gone over the top crazy and am glad I didn't start watching it. Give me a good book any old day!


Let me know how it goes with The Ghost and Mr. Chicken, Amy. All I remember of it is Don Knotts creeping around what looked like the set of The Munsters with his eyes popped out.

I used to subscribe to EW to stay in touch with contemporary pop culture, too, Jan. Then I decided contemporary pop culture isn't worth staying in touch with. It was a small step from there to The Ghost and Mr. Chicken....

Marge Rhode

I love Don Knotts movies - I own both the Ghost and Mr. Chicken and the Incredible Mr. Limpet on dvd, and made my kids watch them with me. They showed them to their friends, which says something! That crazy organ music still creeps me out... Don Draper looked an awful lot like the

Steve Hockensmith

OMG, Marge! What happened? You were about to tell us who Don Draper looks like, but you were mysteriously cut off. And right after mentioning crazy-creepy organ music! This is freaking me out! Did The Ghost get you?

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