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September 02, 2013


Steven Torres

I suspect there'll be a cease and desist order in your near future. Do I remember correctly if there was always a young lady who needed help fending off evil in BJ and the Bear?


Pretty much everything I can remember about B.J. and the Bear can be found in "The Escape." (There was a guy named B.J. who drove a truck and he had a chimp named Bear and they were always being chased by Sheriff Lobo. The End.) But given that it was a network show in the late '70s, yes, it's a good bet that a lovely young lady needed help in every episode. And that she was wearing short-shorts or spandex or both.

Scott Weber

Looking forward to the "Man from Atlantis" slash crossover fan fiction

Carolyn B

Sadly I have learned nothing about grammar or writin' from this post as I now have the theme song from the Sheriff Lobo spin off stuck in my head.... (Thank goodness for YouTube) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8CyjysKWeI


As I'm now the author of books for kids, Scott, I really shouldn't comment on your suggestion. But I'm tempted.

Thanks for the link, Carolyn! Oy...that show looks even worse than I remember it. Why did we, as a culture, feel the need to wreck so many cars in the 1970s? They destroyed more in the Lobo opening credits than in all of Smokey and the Bandit.

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