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January 07, 2013



I'm with you, Steve. I hate January. I might hate February more, but it's hard to say because they both suck so bad. And for some reason as I get older the cold seems colder and the snow seems snowier and I just hate it all. (I seem to be full of lots of hate from about January 1 till the end of March.) I'm glad you found some things to be thankful for. I was just thinking of things I'm thankful for this morning. Family aside, I came up with 1) my own working washer and dryer, 2) the internet, 3) hot water and 4) coffee. It may not be much, but if I think about how much more winter (and life in general) would suck without those things, I start to feel better. Oh, and Happy New Year.

Brenda Lee

You know what really screws up your New Year? A week in the hospital and the discovery that your husband has cancer. It trumps all things and puts annoyances in perspective. I've barely seen my kids this week, as I hold my husband's hand through the fevers and pain. Now we know what it is, but we have many months of chemo and struggle to look forward to. Oh yeah, and my BP was 190/100, so that's not cool. I guess I'm saying do have cocoa with your kids and live them and enjoy even the annoyances. That's the small stuff guys. The secret is it's all small.


I hear you, Karen. Winter = suck. Winter pre-electricity = BIG suck. Shout out to my homies Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla and George Westinghouse!

Wow, B.L. -- I'm so sorry to hear about your husband. Fingers crossed the chemo does its job. It sounds like he has a strong lady by his side, so he's got that going for him. Don't forget to take care of yourself, too. And yes -- I'll whip up cocoa and break up fights without complaint. Thanks for the perspective.

Adam McFarlane

I loved your short stories in the latest Charlaine Harris/Toni Kelner anthology and a recent issue of AHMM (or was it EQMM?). Do you have any news you can share about anything that might be published in 2013?


Thanks, Adam! I was really proud of those stories. I meant to follow them up with more shorts, but due to various deadlines I haven't had time. I will be appearing in a few anthologies that should see the light of day this year, though, so stay tuned for deets. And I'm still hoping to crank up the short story production machine one of these days. If only these darned books didn't keep getting in the way....


At least YOUR birthday isn't in January...although I did read a scientific article stating that people who have many birthdays live longer recently, so it might not all be bad :p

Diana Eisenbart

Will you ever publish World's Greatest Sleuth in paperback?


There'll be a paperback, Diana, but it won't be available for three or four years due to factors beyond my control. But hey -- the hardcover's only $10 on Amazon!

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