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September 10, 2012


Amy Dobek

Sweet! I'll pass this on to friends and family. And if you really want to thank me for buying the book BEFORE it was free, you can just write me into the next Amlingmeyer story as a love interest for Big Red. ;)

Amy Dobek

PS - You do not have a number of social media links at the bottom of your post, but you do not have a facebook share link. You might think about adding that!


I haven't started reading the actual book yet, but the copyright pages in the front matter made me laugh out loud. That's a first!


"Only one mystery remains to be solved, Miss Dobek," I said. "Why I haven't kissed you yet!" And I swept her into my arms as Old Red grumbled "Feh" and stomped out of the room....

Off to a good start, Amy?

Good idea about adding a Facebook share link. I just wish I knew how the heck to do it!

I aim for a laugh on every page, Sue, and I don't see why I should leave the copyright page out of that. Now if only I could figure out a way to make the ISBN funny....


I have been waiting a bit for my latest Red's fix.

This microbook was well worth the wait!

"Steve Hockensmith's MICRO-NOVEL "The Big Red Romance" is a word turner! I could simply not stop reading till I had finished. Hockensmith is an alchemist turning words into gold before your very eyes"

Comic Store Guy, Shawn Hilton


Amazon has started experimenting with serialized fiction, publishing books a few chapters at a time, so why not try it a few *sentences* at a time? So now it's time to continue "The Big Red Romance."

Miss Dobek slapped me so hard it almost set my head to spinning on my neck like a top.

"The real mystery is how you could think a woman like me would want to be manhandled by a big brute like you," the lady said. "Oh, Gustav! Guuuuuu-stav! Come back, my darling!"

And she ran out the door after my brother.


Hi Steve, loved the book, followed a fb link from Brett battles...and have now paid actual money for dear Mr Holmes...doubtless more to come. Free-ebooks work...
I liked the web-aware and contemporary references in cadaver...and zombie humour never gets old :) I teach winemaking and use the 'but what will you do after the zombie apocalypse?' line frequently when taking about engineering options...


Hey, Ken -- thanks for popping by! It's great to hear that you dug the book and moved on to sample the Holmes on the Range series. You're right: There's proof that free can draw in new readers.

You wouldn't happen to live in Northern California, would you? That's where I am, and it'd be good to know where to go after the zombie apocalypse begins. I want to hole up somewhere they still have wine!


Nope, but if you can make it to New Zealand before the craving for brains strikes you, we'll be happy to pass you a beer and a twelve gauge :)

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