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July 02, 2012


Esri Allbritten

Old Red has a mustache? Why did I not know this?

Good stuff. That's a nice drawing.


Rebecca Burg does great work! So now do we have some illustrated editions to look forward to? Graphic Novels? Is this the beginning of a beautiful friendship and more merchandising? Is the cover you reeeeeeeeeeeeally love for the next Holmes on the Range?

I'll go make room on the shelf...

Jan McClintock

Now you'll have to start a new web page for Fan Art. HA. Seriously, this is great! More from Ms. Burg and other talented fans would be welcome.

Where can we read "The Old Senator," please?


It's great to see everyone loves Rebecca's illustration as much as I do! She and I have started kicking around ideas, so we'll see where it leads. I'd love to do a Holmes on the Range graphic novel, but the economics are tricky. But hey -- that's what Kickstarter's for, right?

The cover I'm super-excited about isn't for the next HOTR, Marge, though I hope a new entry in the series isn't *too* far down the road. Stay tuned....

"The Old Senator" appeared in the anthology Sherlock Holmes: The American Years, Jan. I've been thinking of doing a follow-up to it for some time now. Fingers crossed I find the time for it soon. Guess that's yet another "Stay tuned...." I have to throw at folks!


I have a friend who decorates her house with creepy dolls. When I go to her house, it doesn’t mean I love her decor. And it does not reflect who I am, by going there.

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