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June 09, 2011


S.G. Browne

Great list, Mr. Hockensmith. Nicely done.

Chelle Cordero

Well-done, lots of humor interspersed with great advice!

Richard Prosch

All true, well stated, and triggered the infamous ROMPER ROOM ear worm, "Do Be a Do Be, Don't Be a Don't Be..."

sophie littlefield

you are helllllla smart. that's why i look up to you, among other reasons. plus my kids thing you're cool.


Goals should be specific, so I'm using "write 100,000 words, edit them all twice, *then* ask myself if I am a writer."

Because by then I'll have a much clearer idea :)

thanks for the great post Steve!

Jeff Q.

Since you mentioned how writers should read, have you read "Sherlock Holmes was wrong" by Pierre Bayard? It offers a pretty well reasoned take on who the real killer in Hound of the Baskervilles was.
As I read Bayard's reasoning against some of Holmes' more wild leaps of logic, I couldn't help thinking Old Red would never make those mistakes. It's a little slow in the middle, but I recommend the book to anyone that's a Holmes fan.

Dorte H

I wonder... is it okay to laugh now, or is that a don´t?


The modem died on my home PC so I'm at the library to check messages and I've been here longer than I thought I would be because of unexpected news that required a response (Holmes on the Range is coming out in China! Yeehaw!) so I've really got to type this fast because I think I'm about to get a ticket (seriously -- the library is right across the street from the police department) so I'll just say thanks for the comments everybody and no I haven't read Sherlock Holmes Was Wrong yet but I've heard good things about it and the premise is certainly intriguing. O.K., gotta run out the door now. Pray the quarter I fed the meter lasted long enough to cover my modem-less ass....


Also, when you do cover your coughs and sneezes, make sure you use the crook of your elbow, as demonstrated in this helpful video from the Maine Medical Center, et al:


Sorry your ass lost its modem, Steve. Hope you get that fixed soon.

Helen Ginger

Excellent advice with a bit of honey to make it go down quite easily.

Chris Abbey

Helen, the only honey is zombie honey (not that you're my zombie honey, honey). Remember, the bee is dead. Poor bee.


"Here the path to madness lies." Thank you so much for that, I've basically lost all faith in the writer's workshop because of the problems of nitpicking. You can get way too many voices in your head.

I'd have to say my biggest struggle is writing and reading at the same time. I'll go through stints where I read like crazy, and the writing goes by the wayside, then vice versa. Plus you have to juggle that with all the other things you should be doing everyday like 1)working out 2)flossing 3)interacting with other human beings 4)eating and sleeping etc. etc. Gah!


I hear you, Kim -- striking a balance between writing and life is hard. That's why I've done away with #2 almost entirely and have been steadily whittling away at #3 and the second half of #4....


Phil N

Good thoughts, Steve. Thanks. What about wooden dollars, though? Should we take those?


I suppose the whole world is a writer.....


This is fantastic! Great pointer and funny, too! I came here by accident but I will definitely be coming back to this place again and again!

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