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July 28, 2010


Lee Ann

It's a law that everyone needs a cat as a writing partner. For me, it's Cappy - who immediately pees on something if I don't let him "help". It's Cappy's "leaking" problem that caused his previous owner to toss him. We took him in and deal with his issue: he returns the favor with lots of love.

Cappy lays across my hands when I type, offers up his back for scritches should I need to think, and sleeps on my lap when I'm reading research. Don't tell his daddy - but he sleeps on the dining room table while I'm writing. Cappy swears up and down that I write better when he sleeps there and he's right.

I'm sorry for your loss: I don't even like to think about life with my brown butt kitty.


Cappy sounds like an excellent writing partner. By god, he's not going to let you forget he's a part of the process! Izzy only occasionally insisted on lap-time while I was trying to work. Instead, she was usually curled up on a chair in my office, about two feet from my desk. That way, every time I went downstairs for another cup of coffee, she could follow and beg for kitty treats. Who says cats aren't smart?

Jordan 4

Every man's work, whether it be literature of music of pictures or architecture of anything else, is always a portrait of himself. (Samuel Brtler, Averican educator)

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