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March 15, 2010


Matthew Szewczyk

Wow, that was rather cool. Better then I expected by a country mile! No cameo Steve? Shame shame.


You mean you didn't notice? That's me in the white frock. I play Jane Bennet.



"They may be dead, goddammit...but they're still Englishmen!"

Oh. My.

Calamity Anne

I'm ready!!!

Shawn D. Hilton

If I wasn't ready I'd still jump straight in.

On the shelves this week I saw Lincoln Vampire Slayer and Queen Victoria Zombie Hunter, and it makes me wonder when the Baker Street Irregulars and the Artul Dodger's crew team up to kick the holy hell out of the undead.


That "They may be dead, but..." line isn't in my book...but I wish it were! And Shawn, please -- shhhhhhhhhhhh! Ixnay on the olmes-hay and ombieszay talk. We don't want the wrong people getting hold of that idea.


Shawn D. Hilton


Who is the Steve Hockensmith that's going to be at C2E2 the groovy new comic convention in Chicago in April? The pic looks a whole like YOU!


Thanks for the heads up, Shawn. Nobody tells me anything!!! I knew this was a possibility, but no one told me I'd been booked for sure. Guess I'd better put it on my calendar. I'll share more details once I know them myself!


Shawn D. Hilton

This just went from a con I was going to skip to a con that I'm now getting some buddies together to go.


Just got a confirmation: I will indeed be at C2E2. (For those of you who think I'm talking about visiting a droid, here's the scoop: http://www.c2e2.com/ ) No word yet on when/what my events will be. I should know more by the end of the week, though. Stay tuned....


Shawn D. Hilton

I'll be tuning in and checking this out. It's going to be a fairly nice turn out for us comic book geeks, and now at least one of my favorite authors will be attending. Oh, and Hockensmith will be there as well.

Couldn't resist.


One of your favorite authors will be there? But I thought Dr. Seuss was dead....

SNAP! Two can play at that game!

Sorry. I couldn't resist, either.

See you next month in Chi-town!


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