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March 18, 2009


Bill Crider

Sherlock Holmes was at the World's Columbian Exposition. Check out my story in SHERLOCK HOLMES IN AMERICA.

Big Red

Thanks for the heads up, Bill! If memory serves, Hockensmith's got him a Holmes tale in that self-same book. Hopefully, he'll pop back in soon with The Skinny on his story....

-Big Red

Matthew Szewczyk

Very cool! I am currently reading Devil in the White City so this is good news!


Oh, no! Now you'll be perfectly primed to catch all my mistakes. Here's hoping you forget a lot of the details between now and July....



Bravo, Big Red! Bout time we heard more from you, and such great news, too.


Sweet! A drop date. I'll be sure to watch out for that one.

Jonathan Turner

Chicago, eh? Could it be that we might encounter ... Abe Slaney, "the most dangerous crook in Chicago"? Or perhaps James Winter, alias Morecroft, alias Killer Evans? "Native of Chicago. Known to have shot three men in the States. Escaped from penitentiary through political influence. Came to London in 1893." Yes ... 1893! Coincidence?

Big Red

Actually, my brother and I won't be meeting either Mr. Slaney or Mr. Winter/Morecroft/Evans in the Chicago book. Sounds like we were lucky to miss 'em, too -- those are the kinda gents you don't want to meet in a dark alley, and Lord knows Chicago's got plenty of those. We do encounter a few notable folks, though. A certain Mr. Pinkerton, a certain Miss Oakley, a certain Mr. H-....

But I shouldn't get ahead of myself. I gotta finish writing the thing first!

-Big Red


I pre-ordered "Crack in the Lens" back in January and am looking for it to "tentpole" my summer reading.

I loved "Devil in the White City", so I'm really looking forward Red's next endeavors.

Any news on whether you'll be touring for "Crack in the Lens"? Haven't had a "Steve" fix in awhile.


I'm finding that having read and thoroughly enjoyed "Devil in the White City" (as well as a few other books about the Columbian Exposition) is almost as much a curse as a blessing. The Exposition was so enormous, so jam-packed with odd and interesting exhibits and people, it's hard to get that scale across in the midst of a (hopefully) fast-paced, plot-driven mystery. There are times it feels like the setting overwhelms the story: I'm trying to write a breathless action sequence, yet how can I not slow down to describe the incredible sights and sounds all around? Oh, well. I'll work out the right balance sooner or later. That's what rewrites are for, right?

As for the "Crack" tour, it's definitely in the works, though it remains to be seen where exactly it'll take me. But I'm thinking I can't pass up L.A., so you'll probably see me down that way come late July or early August. Stay tuned!



I'll keep an eye on the calendar. Your visits are always entertaining.

Susan Hajek

Hi Steve, I am at the bloody Crystal Lake, IL Barnes & Noble and I ask the shop keeper where they keep your books and they tell me they have no copies. How is this possible and who did you anger at the B&N?Amazon, here I come! Your fan from Illinois Susan Hajek shajek@wheels.com


No wonder B&N is in so much financial trouble. I mean, if they don't know enough to keep a hot author like *me* on the shelves, they're in the wrong business!

But in all seriousness, I'm betting my books would be a challenge to find just about anywhere right now: It's been over a year since my last novel came out, and I'm usually not on the shelves more than a few months in the major chains. Just wait, though -- with THE BLACK DOVE coming out in paperback next month and THE CRACK IN THE LENS in hardcover in July, I'll start popping up at a lot more stores before you know it.

Thanks for keeping an eye out for me!


Jim Fleming

Hold on, Big Red! Sherlock Holmes is going to be at the Columbia Exposition? Stop pulling my leg. Everybody knows Mr. Holmes died back in '91. It wouldn't surprise me if we don't get an official report by the end of the year.

Jim Fleming
April 20, 1893

Big Red

You're right, Jim -- the way we hear it, Doc Watson'll be putting out his official story on Mr. H's demise by the end of the year. (The year being 1893, of course. Nice of you to join us here!) But my brother's a mite skeptical. Maybe it was that switcheroo with the body in our first big adventure, I don't know, but he's got it in his head that The Man might not really be dead. So you never know....

Speaking of which, Old Red's not the only one to have this thought, apparently. Saddle Pal Bill Crider wrote up a story about Holmesian shenanigans at the Exposition for the new anthology "Sherlock Holmes in America." Course, if I'd known he was going to do so, I would've told him we had dibs, but whachagonnado? The rub of it is now I can't read Bill's tale for a right long spell, cuz I don't want someone else's story messing with my head as I'm trying to finish up mine. So by the time I get to enjoy Bill's take on things, it'll probably be 1894!

-Big Red

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