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November 26, 2008



It's like watching the deleted scenes on a dvd, only better because it's all good! I'd ask you to keep it coming, but you wanted me to demand it so.... More, more, more!!

sophie Littlefield

love the flotsam. me, i only wish there was *more* cussin'



The highlight of my Thanksgiving :)

Kepp it comin'!!!

Matthew Szewczyk

Very nice! Thanks for sharing and have a happy Thanksgiving!

Peter Durand

Will you be sending out an email notice when The Crack in the Lens comes out?



Steve Hockensmith

Absolutely! I'll be flooding the world with "Look at me!"s in the weeks leading up to July, when the book hits stores. And I can announce here and now that CRACK is finally, officially finished (as of yesterday -- yeeehaa!) and Posse/e-newsletter members will be getting a sneak preview in their Christmas stocking very, very soon.


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