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July 09, 2008


Rick Malaspina

Steve -- Just discovered your writing and ejoy it very much. I live in Oakland. I'm both a mysterty fan and a Western fan (and a cowpoke at heart). Also was an Oakland Tribune reporter from way back -- was there really a Cosmo Hotel on Broadway in Big Red's day? Probably near the Tribune office.

About Westerns, do you know of Elmer Kelton's work? I visited him, just called and asked if I could drop in, during a cross-country road trip two years ago. "The Good Old Boys" triology is one of his best.

Do you and the boys know about the annual Cowboy Poetry Festival in Elko, NV? A great event with good, genuine people. More than poetry, too, and a perfect setting. You'd be an excellent speaker there and could sell some books -- there's a store for authors' goods. Baxter Black of NPR fame is a regular performer. Met and talked with him. He has a crazy, funny cowboy thriller called "Hey, Cowgirl, Need a Ride?" Contemporary, but Big Red would like it.

Thanks for all the good work. Would like to meet up with you someday, maybe for some cowboy coffee (put a rusty nail in it, for a dose of iron.)


Thanks for writing, Rick! There wasn't a Cosmopolitan hotel on Broadway (at least as far as I know), but there were a lot of sketchy flophouses catering to sailors, which is why I had the boys stay in that area. As you know, they can't afford the Ritz!

I know of Elmer Kelton -- he seems to be the most respected guy working in the Western genre today. But I haven't (to my shame) read him yet. He's on my TBR list, though. Unfortunately, the list's about a mile long! Hopefully, I'll get to Kelton sooner rather than later.

Haven't done a cowboy poetry festival yet, but you're right -- it seems like a good fit for me. Hmmmm...I'll have to look into that one of these days....


James T.


I live in Arizona and grew up in Nebraska....and I like Big Red.

No wonder I am always visiting your page. Where else can I find a local spot to get my Cornhusker Hats and UNL Jerseys.


I just wanted to express how grateful I was for the mystery in "Holmes on the Range". I had read through every other mystery series that held interest to me and was looking for a new author to explore when I came upon your book at the local bookstore. The first thing that caught my eye was the title, since I am such a fan of Sherlock Holmes detective work. Although this was noted as your first novel, it was also noted of all your other publishings, which intrigued me enough to read a few pages to see if your style of writing was one that I could enjoy. Indeed it was! I was throughly drawn into your characters and their journey at the Bar VR cattle ranch. I can hardly wait for your your next book. Thank you and keep the books coming! Also, I am glad to have stumbled upon your website and the opportunity to read other thoughts from both you and "Big Red". Sincerely, a new faithful reader - Melody


Thanks for the kind words, Melody! It's great to know the first book's still out there in stores to coax folks into Big Red and Old Red's world. The fourth book in the series is sitting on my editor's desk awaiting his notes, and I'll start work on the fifth as soon as that's wrapped up. So the boys will definitely be staying on the crime-solving trail for a few years yet!


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